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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kopa's perspective on teaching Standard 8 during the national strike

The teachers have been on strike for three weeks now. They wanted their salaries raised because of the general raise of everyday life products’ prices in Kenya. After one week only, the secondary teachers joined the effort, after two weeks, doctors and the police, after three, the nurses... From a teachers’ strike, the effort became general and diverse vital parts of the society are protesting.

But even if the claims of the teachers are totally fair and understandable, the strike is very hard on the children, especially Std 8 and Form 4 who will have their final exam in less than a month. At the beginning of the strike, the school was totally empty except for the only two teachers not paid by the government. We thought therefore that we could help them with Std 8 and went to talk with Mr. Ali and Mr. Abdul. Since Mr Ali Mdogo and Mr Hussein were teaching maths and social studies, we decided to take Kiswahili, science and I.R.E. Julie, community staff in Mkwiro decided to take English, Mishal, community volunteer, took science and I took Kiswaahili and I.R.E.

Kopa teaches Kiswahili to Standard 8 students at Mkwiro Primary School

Mishal is marvellous during his classes .He does everything to make sure that the learners understand everything. He always asks everybody to participate in lessons especially to ensure there is a gender balance.

Julie was fantastic. She didn’t accept any disrespect from the students. I was happy when she sent some of the girls out of the classroom because they didn’t ask for permission before getting in. They were told to stay out until they felt like apologizing and asking permission. They ended staying out for the whole lesson! J

On my part, I think my classes have been really good. At first I was a bit scared but I just had to work on my confidence. It helped me a lot and I think that the students are happy with my lessons. They are actually contributing a lot and answering my questions. In one of the lessons I divided the class into three groups and they had to read some sub-topics and present them to the other students.

We still don’t know when the strike will end but I hope that our efforts will help Std 8 with their final exam. And all that is left to say is, good luck Standard 8!         

Kopa Mchasa, NSP