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Monday, July 23, 2012

Katy's packing dilemma

The stationary dilemma – what supplies to bring with you on your escape to the big wide world?  So you’ve packed your bag with every kind of lotion and potion, high tech spec piece of kit under the sun having recently raided the nearest outdoor shop.  Every potential hazard has been carefully accounted for; millipedes in the shower, geckos in the toilet, spiders in the corners, mozzies….well, just everywhere.  You feel so ready to face the unknown, you feel giddy at the prospect.

But there’s still a space at the top of your brightly coloured-must-be-able-to-spot-it-on-the-conveyor-belt rucksack and it is this moral gap, both physical and metaphorical that you must fill with something for the children that you will see.

A student enjoying a book from the library
Now, most people under the stony western influence would bring sweets or something along the same debilitating lines.  Having been here for a month now I can honestly say that the last thing these kids need is sugar.  Try to think along the lines of pens, pencils, children’s books with those bright pictures, card, erasers and pencil sharpeners.  Even footballs or tennis balls would be good! Always give them to GVI staff as this ensures responsible giving so that the teachers and pupils are not using us an IV drip of necessities.  Repeat after me: sustainable growth.

Katy Baxter - Community Project Volunteer

The finished product of creative time using resources brought by volunteers