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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kasaani goes Kuku for Construction!

In the past two weeks we have had an incredibly enthusiastic and hardworking team of construction volunteers working with the Kasaani Group for Animal Protection. The aim of project, which has been designed by the CBO, is to expand their Chicken farming project to include broilers as well as the already successful layers coop by building a larger layers coop and utilising the previous layers coop as a broilers coop.  The Community was also really keen to repair the roof on their local nursery school, which was housing 40-50 children in one very cramped room due to the fact that the other half of the school had no roof.
Nursery School before..
Volunteers worked side by side with local community members to complete a very impressive looking chicken coop. The chicken farming project is not only an excellent income generating industry for the CBO, it also greatly improves the availability of protein rich foods, firstly eggs and now chicken meat to the wider community, who, having abandoned the consumption of bush meat are often lacking foods rich in proteins due to the high cost of purchasing meats such as beef and goat.

Completed Chicken Coop
Thanks to the massive effort put in by our hardworking volunteers we even managed to find the time to fix the roof of the nursery school. Our highly skilled roof fundi, Kaasim, had the roof trusses built and erected in one day with the assistance of volunteers. The next day the iron sheets were on and we were done. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a short period of time when people come together to share the burden of the work. Well done to everyone involved!
New Roof!