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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Plans for Mkwiro Mangroves - 2

The next stage of our mangrove research will run alongside the transect surveys described in the last blog – we have designed a questionnaire to conduct in the local community to determine if and how the
mangrove resources are currently used, how this use has changed over recent years and how the current state and area of the mangroves compares to ten years ago.

Traditionally, mangrove trees have been used for building materials, building fishing canoes, firewood (right), tannins for use in dyes and for medicinal purposes. Indirectly they are also hugely important to ensure stable fish stocks as they represent an important nursery ground for many fish species and with up to 90% of local families gaining income through fishing activities (bottom left), any decline in fish populations can have major implications.

In compiling the results of the questionnaires, we will gain a better understanding of local relationships with this habitat and through environmental education we can promote it’s conservation and sustainable use.