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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mkwiro gets a new lick of paint

This week, with the national exams running up and down Kenya, the number of lessons in the school we can take part in has been reduced, so we have taken the opportunity to spend a couple of hours each day painting in Mkwiro’s health clinic, or dispensary.

-- The villagers use the local dispensary for all minor health complaints --

A couple of months ago you may remember that the Mkwiro dispensary had some very kind donations from Dr Kotak at Diani’s Palm Beach Hospital; and among the donations received were some pots of blue and white paints to refurbish the rooms. Today, a team of dedicated volunteers, armed with brushes, pots and ladders marched down to the clinic in their paint-stained clothing for a good morning’s painting!

-- Volunteers work diligently to get the white walls painted --

We managed to paint the walls of both the maternity ward and the two examination rooms in fresh new white, and the doors and skirting in vibrant blue, and also hung new curtains in all of the rooms; the result was fantastic! The rooms now feel lighter, brighter and more welcoming.

Those community members who visit the dispensary from now on will definitely notice and appreciate the difference. Thank you again to Palm Beach Hospital and the volunteers who worked to complete this amazing project.