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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before… Well At Least No Man or Woman from GVI

After an hour and half bus journey, motorbike ride and two hour walk under the 45 degree Tsavo sun I arrived at my destination. Dust and acacia trees as far as I could see - exactly what I was expecting. I’ve been working on the border of Tsavo West National Park for almost three years now, and I’m now in the lucky position of being able to expand the work that GVI have been doing in this region to a new community.

-- The Dusty Road to Njukini --

At the request of our partner organization, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), GVI is about to initiate the development of alternative livelihood activities in a forth village in the Taveta region. This is very exciting for everyone involved; and, with over 50 ex-poachers in the new community based organization in Njukini, the project should also have a significant impact on reducing poaching in this area of Tsavo West.

-- Contemplating Projects for Njukini --

The expansion of GVI’s work into a fourth community become possible earlier this year as we withdrew from Kidong – all of the ex-poachers in Kidong now have alternative livelihood activities and as such our job was done! It’s a very exciting time out in Tsavo West, with another 2 ex-poaching communities also requesting GVI’s assistance to develop alternative livelihood industries. GVI staff and volunteers will be heading out to the new village of Njukini in less than a week and we will be sure to keep you all updated on how the village is progressing.

-- The Road Might Be Dusty.. But the Sunsets Alone are Worth the Journey --