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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Community Program in Shimoni

It was my first week on the Community and Teaching Project and I was very excited to meet the children of Shimoni! The other Community Volunteers and I, got a tour of all four schools that we would be teaching at: Base Academy, Mutnda Bora, Shimoni Primary and Shimoni Secondary schools. Each school welcomed us with open arms and a lot of warmth.

The children were especially excited to meet us. Some even sang and danced a few Welcome Songs! The head masters and principals of each school embraced us as part of their staff and insisted on letting us know that from here-on-in we will all work together as a team. It was a wonderful feeling to see how grateful each set of staff appreciated our support and what we can and will do to lend a hand in developing a positive and bright future for Shimoni children.

Wildlife Club

In addition to teaching Math and English classes, -to very bright kids, I might add- we are starting after school programs, like the Wildlife Club. The Wildlife Club is meant to educate the children in a fun and exciting way about the environment, recycling, and conservation.
For one of the meetings, we took the children to the beach to learn the difference between natural rubbish- like coconut shells and seashells -and manmade rubbish- like plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, and fishing line. Our goal was to get them to dispose of these things properly and hopefully the rest of the community will catch on to keep Shimoni a clean and beautiful place to live.

Erin D’Ella