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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday Mornings And Humpback Whales

Following the weekend, we have a recollection from our marine research staff about a decidedly less-than-typical Sunday off from last expedition...

Our sixth sighting of of Humpback whales for the expedition came on Sunday morning... our day off! This time a mother and her young calf were spotted socialising in the Wasini channel, between our two bases in Mkwiro and Shimoni, so close to our Mkwiro base that we were able to see them from land. It didn't take us long to prepare the cameras and GPS, and kit up the boat, to follow the pair as they slowly cruised through the channel.

They seemed relaxed in the calm shallow waters, the young calf lying on its back showing off the distinctive white pectoral fins, while the mother rubbed bodies beneath. We were simply overwhelmed with the beauty and magnificence of the moment! But the show was yet to be over and after a short diving period, the calf breached more than half its body clear of the water, just 30m from our boat... wow! Worth putting in the overtime on a sunny Sunday morning like this!