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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bushbaby Returns

Hi there, a while ago we were blogging about our midnight feasters... up to 3 bushbabies that climbed through our kitchen window under the cover of darkness to share our bananas! One of them was missing one his front legs which may be why he was such a common visitor for some easy pickings, but remained agile enough to leap around the kitchen with banana in mouth - he or she (they move too quick to be able to work out!) was named Yardy after a few suggestions... three feet in a yard!

However since March they had been notable by their absence and we were beginnig to wonder what had happened to them, hoping it was siimply that with the arrival of the rains they were finding their food easily enough elsewhere. Bushbabies, in our case the small-eared galago, are nocturnal foragers of gums, flowers, seeds, fruits and insects so they have a diverse menu to choose from. They are also a little partial to alochol, or at least fermenting fruits, and where I worked in Tanzania before, the swahili phrase 'kama komba' (like a bushbaby) was the local equivalent of 'pissed as a newt'... a term for someone who it a little too drunk!

Anyway, the pleasing news for us at least, is that over the last few nights one of the bushbabies has been back to supplement its diet with our bananas and we don't mind one bit! No confirmed sightings of Yardy yet, but we'll be keeping a close eye on our kitchen window before bedtime once again, and will be sure to let you know!