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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mkwiro/Wasini Sportsday

There was an exciting day on the south coast of Kenya this week, with the inter-school sports day at Kichakamkwaju school. A group of expedition members and project volunteers went along to lend a hand. Louise, from New Zealand, gives us her account:

The day began at 7am, porridge was on the menu and the community team were packed and ready to catch the boat over to the mainland for inter-school sports day. We were off to support Mkwiro and Wasini Village Primary Schools combined sports teams play against the local school on the mainland, Kichakamkwaju, and were expecting a victorious day in netball, volleyball and football.
On the boat we crossed the channel to the mainland, left our bags in Shimoni and walked a sweaty 4km in the sun before arriving at Kichakamkwaju School by 10am. On arrival, we sat in the shade with all of the school teachers to organise referees, team selectors and linesman for netball, volleyball and football. The outcome of the sports day was to form a combined school sports team by selecting the best players in each sport. Understandably, the teachers were adamant that selectors were made up of both GVI members and school teachers to avoid any bias. After responsibilities had been allocated Jonathan, Rachel and I found a spot of shade under a tree to watch the Mkwiro/Wasini vs Kichakamkwaju girls’ netball game.

The game began full of hype and excitement with 7 hardy and competitive girls on each team all determined to win for their school. Some girls were barefoot, other girls brightly clothed, while others wore woolly hats, which was hard to believe on such a scorcher of a day! Unfortunately for us, the Kichakamkwaju girls were much taller than our team and as time went on, with a speedy centre and accurate goal shoot, Kichakamkwaju School girls were too strong and left our girls for dust.

Sadly for us, the boys and girls volleyball teams were also outmatched, and by 2pm Mkwiro/Wasini’s sporting ability rested upon the football which was the last game to be played for the day. Like the netball and volleyball, the football was full of atmosphere and school pride with chanting girls and brightly coloured uniforms running to a beat across the field whenever a goal was scored.

Mkwiro/Wasini played hard until the end but Kichakamkwaju was too strong and the Mkwiro/Wasini football team lost 2-1.

Celebrations on the sideline after a goal is scored

After the match we were all tired after a hot day in the sun, but we carried on to show our support for Mkwiro School and stayed for the closing ceremony where the best players of the day were announced. By 4.30 pm all of the sports had been played and we treated ourselves to a matatu (local minibus) ride back to Shimoni, ready for a shower and a cool down after an eventful sports day in the sun.


ayshe & deniz said...

Hey guys, this is Ayshe and Deniz!!!!

We have arrived home in Sydney after 3 days at Zanzibar. We left Rachel at the hospital in Diani on Friday 7/3 and would like to know how she's doing. Please get back to us.

Your aura and energy stays with us...our world will not be the same, ever again, having been enriched with our experiences at Wasini and your friendship. Please res[pong asap. Love y'all. a&d

GVI Kenya said...

Hey Ayshe and Deniz!

Matt here...
Very glad to hear you guys made it back home safe and sound, and we hope you had an amazing time in Zanzibar (I'm sure you did!).

Rachael is absolutley fine now, she stayed overnight as a precaution but was feeling much better and was back home with us very quickly!

Everyone misses you two loads - you guys had an amazing effect on this place - come back soon!

Take care