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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tackling Standard 8

Elly Singleton joined us as one of our first volunteer teachers, working in Mkwiro primary school for 4 weeks - she writes about her time so far...

After the first few days of the week feeling a bit tired, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday definitely made up for it. We began Wednesday bright and early with 2 lessons, Standard 6 and Standard 8.

I found Standard 8 a struggle that morning. I just couldn’t seem to get a rapport going with them, and they knew it, so it was an effort to get them to concentrate on their work. Time for a different approach I thought. So I put the work aside for a few minutes and just chatted with the students, asking them about themselves, and in turn telling them about myself.

Soon the questions were flying. What a great opportunity to create an alias for myself: I am now the best friend of David Beckham, I have a husband back in England along with 38 children, and I am 67 years old! So what at first seemed to be a hard lesson, turned into a fun, interesting time and hopefully gained the respect of the Standard 8 students. From then on the day, and the rest of the week, just got better.

Thursday was teaching standard 4 and 5, and both lessons left me glowing. I had so much fun and now after 2 and a half weeks feel like I am really settling in to the classroom.

Friday arrived, now with a few assistant teachers down as they took a mid-expedition break, it was only 3 of us that went to teach P.E. The students took to the new games like wild fire, the giggles started and seemed almost contagious. Sympathies go out to Ruby (one of our brave project volunteers) who cut her toe on the rough, ragged coral rock, so then had to sit out the lesson. With one man down, there were two of us left. I don’t think I have run round so much for ages, especially in 30+ degree heat.

I ended the school week on a high note and looking forward to the weekend ahead. Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary here I come, for a different taste of Kenya, and bring on the cold drinks and real showers!