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Sunday, September 14, 2008

“Jambo! Jambo! Jambo!”

As we enter Mkwiro Primary School for a day of community work this week we are greeted by welcoming chants of, “Jambo! Jambo! Jambo!” by the numerous smiling children awaiting their first lesson of the day. Accompanied by Adam, the new Community Officer and English teacher, we eagerly enter the classroom where we are introduced as ‘assistant teachers’. With Adam as our guide, the school classes this week ran smoothly and were very enjoyable for both the students of Mkwiro Primary School and the volunteers alike... A big thank-you to Adam and Mkwiro for a great week!

With our afternoons free due to an altered school timetable for Ramadan, we devoted our additional time this week to helping Mohammed, a member of Mkwiro community. For the past two years Mohammed has been crafting souvenirs from recycled materials found on Wasini Island. This week we assisted Mohammed with his efforts to diversify his craft products. A particular success was the development of photo-frames made from recycled flip-flops which many of the volunteers are very keen to take home with them!
After a hard days work, we were lucky enough to be invited to share dinner with a local family in Mkwiro village. As the meal was the first repast following a day of fasting for Ramadan, the family provided us with a fantastic dinner and a great cultural experience.Following such a great week working with Mkwiro community, all of the volunteers are enthusiastically looking forward to another round of “Jambo! Jambo! Jambo!” this week!